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Student Council of IIC
  Er No. 201B187 Pranjal Pandey : Secretary
  Er No. 201B188 Pranjal Tripathi : Joint Secretary
  Er No. 201B180 Prabhat Sharma : Joint Secretary
  Er No. 211B326 Tanishq Agarwal : Coordinator
  Er No. 211B123 Gopal Rajoriya : Coordinator
  Er No. 211B065 Aryan Sinha : Coordinator
  Er No. 221B153 Divyansh Srivastava : Jr. Coordinator
  Er No. 221B154 Divyanshi Chourasiya : Jr. Coordinator
  Er No. 221B167 Hardik Sharma : Jr. Coordinator
Anti Substance Abuse Committee - Student Body
  Er No. 201B035 Aman Uttam : Student Member
  Er No. 201B004 Abhijeet Kushwaha : Student Member
  Er No. 211B307 Shreyansh Nayak : Student Member
  Er No. 211B342 Ved Bansal : Student Member
  Er No. 211B378 Akash Kumar : Student Member
  Er No. 211D392 Arin Jain : Student Member
  Er No. 221B426 Vaibhav Anand : Student Member
  Er No. 221B176 Harshit Srivastava : Student Member
  Er No. 231B054 Ansh Pratap Singh Kushwah : Student Member
  Er No. 231B250 Raja Kumar : Student Member
  Er No. 201B377 Shreya Sharma : Student Member
  Er No. 211B062 Anushka Mudga : Student Member
  Er No. 221B192 Juhi Goswami : Student Member
  Er No. 231A005 Kritika Shukla : Student Member
Gender Sensitization Committee (Internal Complaint Committee) - Student Body
  Er No. 211B381 Ashutosh Sahu : Student Member
  Er No. 211B141 Isha Sehgal : Student Member
  Er No. 211B365 Ayushi Dwivedi : Student Member
  Er No. 211B126 Hardik Sharma : Student Member
  Er No. 221B437 Vedant Samaiya : Student Member
  Er No. 221A005 Amisha Sahasrabuddhe : Student Member
  Er No. 221B278 Priti Kumari : Student Member
  Er No. 221B210 Kuhu Vyas : Student Member
  Er No. 221B333 Sapna Tiwari : Student Member
  Er No. 221B258 Palak Gupta : Student Member
  Er No. 221B257 Om Dutt Mishra : Student Member
  Er No. 221B137 Dev Bansal : Student Member
  Er No. 221B209 Krishna Thakur : Student Member
Annapurna Supervisory Committee - Student Body
  Er No. 201B377 Shreya Sharma : Food Member
  Er No. 201B139 Kshitij Tandon : Food Member
  Er No. 211B118 Gaurav Pratap Singh : Food Member
  Er No. 211B172 Mahima Patidar : Food Member
  Er No. 211B151 Janhvi Rawat : Food Member
  Er No. 221B356 Shivam Kumar Singh : Food Member
  Er No. 221B289 Rahul Singh : Food Member
  Er No. 221B063 Ananya Srivastava : Food Member
  Er No. 221B304 Riya Gupta : Food Member
JUET Youth Club (JYC) - Student Committee
Mechanical Engineering Society - Student Committee
  Mr. Kritik Rana (4th Year) : General Secretary
  Mr. Gaurav Shukla (4th Year) : Joint General Secretary
  Mr. Krishna Gajula (3rd Year) : Secretary
  Mr. Vikrant Sharma (3rd Year) : Joint Secretary
  Mr. Basant Sharma (3rd Year) : Joint Secretary
  Mr. Arun Balmiki (3rd Year) : Joint Secretary
  Mr. Ajitesh Awasthi (Ist year) : Coordinators
  Mr. Deepak Dhakad (Ist year) : Coordinators
IETE Student's Committee (ISF) - Student Committee
  Er.No. 201A014 Mr. Rohit Kumar Vishwakarma : Secretary
  Er No. 201A011 Ms. Nishi Rai : Joint Secretary
  Er No. 201B298 Mr. Vaibhav Singh Rajpoot : Treasurer
  Er No. 201A003 Mr. Avanish Kumar Singh : Club in Charge
  Er No. 211A007 Mr. Shashwat Shukla : Manager (Techno creative)
  Er No. 211A004 Mr. Om Yashwant Parate : Manager (Technical)
  Er No. 211B342 Mr. Ved Bansal : Manager (Editorial)
  Er No. 211B295 Ms. Shivani Singh : Manager (Editorial)
  Er No. 221A002 Ms. Aditri Jain : Coordinator (Techno creative)
  Er No. 221A008 Mr. Anupam Dwivedi : Coordinator (Techno creative)
  Er No. 221A009 Mr. Devesh Kumar : Coordinator (Technical)
  Er No. 221A017 Ms. Vanya Tiwari : Coordinator (Editorial)
  Er No. 221A011 Mr. Himanshu Singh : Coordinator (Editorial)
  Er No. 221A013 Ms. Prerna Keshari : Coordinator (Inventory)
  Er No. 221A021 Mr. Shourya Soni : Coordinator (Inventory)
Civil Engineering Forum (CEF) - Student Committee
  Mr. Suyash Tiwari (4th Year) : Student President
  Mr. Ayush Soni (4th Year) : Student Advisors
  Mr. Shikhar Goliya (4th Year) : Student Advisors
  Mr. Shikhar Goliya (4th Year) : Student Advisors
  Mr. Rishi Kumar Swami (4th Year) : Student Advisors
  Mr. Manish Mogia (4th Year) : Student Advisors
  Mr. Harsh Singh (3rd Year) : Secretary
  Mr. Rohit Lodha (3rd Year) : Publicity Incharges
  Mr. Ankit Prajapati (3rd Year : ponsorship Incharges
  Mr. Makhan Lodha (3rd Year) : Treasurer
  Mr. Rajvardhan Singh Meena (2nd year) : Coordinators
  Mr. Abhinandan Yadav (2nd year) : Coordinators
  Mr. Deepak Dhakad (2nd year) : Coordinators
  Mr. Ompal Dheerawat (2nd year : Coordinators
  Mr. Atharv Bhargava (2nd year) : Coordinators
Chemical Engineering Forum (CHEF) - Student Committee
  Mr. Ashish Bairagi (4 th year) : General Secretary
  Ms. Sreenidhi SD (4 th year) : Joint General Secretary
  Mr. Gulshan Meena (3 rd year) : Secretary
  Mr. Krishnanshu Parmar (3 rd year) : Joint Secretary
  Mr. Arun Shivhare (3 rd year) : Joint Secretary
  Mr. Pavan Dev Singh Lodha (2 nd year) : Coordinator
  Mr. Rohit Yadav (2 nd year) : Coordinator
  Mr. Bhupendra Vastri (2 nd year) : Coordinator





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