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Computer Science & Engineering :

Network Communication, Grid Computing, Cloud Computing, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Image Security, Network Security, SDN, Software Engineering. Artificial Intelligence, Text mining, Big Data, Data Analytics, Computer Vision, Robotics and Motion Control. Data Science, Natural Language Processing, Blockchain, Technology Intervention in public well-being, Machine Learning. Internet of Things. Unstructured Data Handling. Neural Network and Deep Learning, Digital Image Forensics.

Electronic and Communication Engineering :

Digital Signal Processing, Multi-dimensional and Multi-rate Signal Processing, Image Processing, Wavelet Analysis and Pattern Recognition, Integral Transforms, Wireless Communication, Mobile communication, Digital Communication, Multicarrier Communication Systems, Soft Computing, Neural Networks, VLSI Design, Renewable Energy, Micro-strip Antenna.

Chemical Engineering :

Treatment of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Photocatalysis, Modeling and Simulation of industrial processes, Recovery of precious metals from spent catalysts/e-waste, Process intensification studies, Enzyme recovery, Membrane processes. Chemical reaction engineering, Heterogeneous catalysis, Industrial pollution abatement, membrane processes for recovery of precious metals from industrial waste and industrial waste water treatment using low cost adsorbents.

Civil Engineering :

Concrete Technology, Transportation Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Hydraulics & Water Resources Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering :

Dynamics of Machine Tools, Machine Design and Vibration Analysis, Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis of Machine Structures, Tool Vibration Analysis of Machine Tools, Structural Analysis, Additive Manufacturing, CAD/CAM, Advanced Machining Processes, Micro-machining process, Combustion, Gasification, Experimental and Computational Fluid Dynamics, Turbulent Flows and Mixing Control, Heat and Mass Transfer, Magneto Hydro Dynamics, Electronics Cooling, Flow Through Micro-channels, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Renewable Energy, Utilization of  Solar Energy,  Solar Water Desalination, Engineering Data Analytics.


Fluid mechanics, Information Theory and its Applications, Fuzzy sets and logic & Fuzzy information measures.

Physics :

Nanomaterials, energy storage devices and quantum optics.


Novel Surfactants, Oleochemicals, Polymer Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Natural Products.

Humanities and Social Sciences:

Human resource management & behavioural studies, economics and human behaviour at work place, e-commerce, marketing, Indian ethos.








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