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Dr. Ravi Kumar
Dr. Ravi Kumar
Assistant Professor(SG)
: B.E., M.Tech.(Honours), Ph.D  
E-mail : ravi.kumar[AT]juet.ac.in  
Contact No. : Ext. - 123  
Areas of Interest: His research interest extent to number of areas like MIMO Communication Systems, Wireless Communication, Advance communication systems, Microwave Integrated circuits, Advanced Microstrip Antenna Designs and Image Processing.
Brief Profile:
Dr. Ravi Kumar did his Ph.D. from Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Jaypee University of Engineering & Technology, Guna in year 2013 with the specialization in MIMO Communication Systems and Smart Antennas. Before completion of his doctorate, he did his M.Tech. with honors from Madhav Institute of Technology & Science, Gwalior in Electronics and Communication with specialization in Microwave Engineering. He completed his Graduation with Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Rajiv Gandhi Technical University, Bhopal. He has Eight months Research Experience as Project Associate in Radio and Science Division(RASD) department at National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi where his topic was "Post Earthquake Rescue System and Real-time Data Acquisition" and one of the module was completed by him on Real-time Data Acquisition for the above given DST sponsored project under the Guidance of Scientist Dr.P.K.Banarjee (scientist-F).

He has been serving in the field of teaching at Jaypee Institute of Engineering since August, 2005 and before joining here he had worked as lecturer at Madhav Institute of Technology & Science, Gwalior for one year. He has also remained at Managerial Post in Pentasoft Technologies Ltd., Bhopal Centre for one Year and four months. He had also been called by the Centre for Development of Telematic (C-DOT) for the project work of Eight months during his Post-Graduations.

He is a Senior Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and LIFE MEMBER of Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE). He has experience in working with MATLAB, HFSS, ADS, CST Studio, LABVIEW, IE3D, PUFF, MSTRIP40, C, etc. He has guided several undergraduate and graduate students for their research based project works. He has published several Research papers in referred Journals and conferences at International and National level including SCI indexed journals.

Award and Achievements

(i) "BEST PAPER AWARD ” in the IEEE International conference organized by the IEEE computer society, Banaglore Section and ACEEE with the association of IDES (Institute of Engineers, Doctors and Scientist) in MNCApps, Bangalore, 2012.
(ii) Awarded with senior membership of IEEE.
(iii)Called by Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT) for Eight months Technical project.
(iv) Qualified General Knowledge Quiz competition organized by UNESCO.


Post Earthquake Rescue System (PEQRS) – A Real Time Post Disaster Rescue System with Data Acquisition, ISBN: 3843313415(HB), ISBN: 978-3843313414 (E-Book), Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, January, 2012.

Ph.D. Supervision

Submitted - 1
Pursuing - 2

Memberships in Professional and Honorary Societies

(i) Senior Member - IEEE (International Institute for Electrical & Electronics Engineers) - 80652471.
(ii) Senior Member – UACEE (Universal Association of Computers and Electronics Engineers)- SNM1009234
(iii) IETE (Institute of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers) - M189129.
(iv) IAENG (International Association of Engineers) – 118216.
(v) IACSIT (International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology) – 80345611.

Research Association

(i) Editorial Board Member, Blue Ocean Research Journals.(BORJ)
(ii) Editorial Board Member, Journal of Signal Processing, Journal of Electronic Design Engineering and Journal of Electronics and Communication System by MAT Journals.
(iii) Editorial Reviewer’s Board, IEEE Antenna and Wave Propogation Letter (AWPL).
(iv) Editorial Reviewer’s Board, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology (IEEETVT).
(v) Editorial Reviewer’s Board, Springer Wireless Personal Communication (WPC).
(vi) Editorial Reviewer’s Board, International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies (IJMWT) by Cambridge University Press.
(vii) Editorial Reviewer’s Board, World Academy of Science Engineering and Technology (WASET).
(viii) TPC member, CNC 2008, Jaypee University of Engineering & Technology, Guna.

Other Administrative and Professional Experiences

(i) Hostel Warden, Boys Hostel, Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology, Guna for for Eight Years.
(ii) Member University Disciplinary Committee from july 2018.
(iii) Training and Placement Incharge, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology, Guna from July, 2014 to June 2018.
(iii) Coordinator, Mess Supervisory Committee, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology, Guna for for session 2017-18.
(iv) Fresher’s Coordinator of ECE Department, Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology, Guna for seesion 2013-14.
(v) Member, Jaypee Youth Club (JYC), Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology, Guna for seesion 2013-14.
(vi) Member, National Conference on Communication Systems and Networking (CSN), 2008.
(vii) Member, 47th Annual National NASA Convention, 2004.

Technical visit and Training Attended

(i) One Week Course on Digital Signal and Image Processing organized by IUCEE at Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology, Guna. ( by Prof. Gaurav Sharma, Rochester University, USA)
(ii) One day workshop on “Ethical Hacking” by Ankit Fadia.
(iii) Three weeks Technical visit in the Department of Telecommunication on Mobile Technologies(GSM & CDMA-WLL), Transmission Equipment(OFC & PCM), Switching Equipments (OCB-283, 5ESS, C-DOT), Computerized Integrated Package DOTSOFT and Broadband technologies and Installation of Multiplay Equipment System.
(iv) One Month training in the Department of Telecommunication on C-DOT, OFC, E10B, ISDN, OCB, Switching, LAN, Internet, Intranet and other advanced communication technologies.

Workshop and Training Organized

(i) Organizing Committee Member of 6th World conference on Applied Science, Engineering and Technology, 2-3rd January, Goa, 2018.
(ii) Organizing Committee member of National Workshop on High Performance VLSI Architectures for Digital Signal Processing Applications: Design and Implementations, sponsored by MPCOST at JUET, Guna, 9-11 September, 2016.
(iii) Committee member of National Conference Communication System and Networking (CSN) held at JIET Guna, 15-16 March, 2008.



(i) Sakshi Patel, Prateek Kumar, Shelesh Garg, Ravi Kumar, "Face Recognition based smart attendance system using IOT", International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering, Vol.6, Issue.5, pp.871-877, 2018. DOI: 10.26438/ijcse/v6i5.871877. ISSN No. 2347-2693. (UGC approved and Crossref indexed)

(ii) Sanjeev Kumar, Ravi Kumar, Rajesh Kumar Vishwakarma, Kunal Srivastava “Compact Wideband Two Element MIMO Antenna with Notch Characteristics for Wireless Applications”, Accepted for publication in Radioengineering. ISSN: 1210-2512. (Impact Factor:- 1.048) (SCI Indexed)

(iii) Sanjeev Kumar, Ravi Kumar, Rajesh Kumar Vishwakarma, “Microstrip Fed Highly Compact Bluetooth Integrated Wideband Antenna for Wireless Application”, Appeared online in International Journal of Electronics letters. DOI: 10.1080/21681724.2018.1477183. {ISSN No. 2168-1724} (Scopus Indexed)

(iv) Sanjeev Kumar, Ravi Kumar, Rajesh Kumar Vishwakarma, “A Circular Disc Microstrip Antenna with Dual Notch Band for GSM/Bluetooth and Extended UWB Applications”, International Journal of engineering & Technology(UAE), Vol. 7, No.2, issue 16, April, 2018, pp.11-18. ISSN: 2227-524X, http://dx.doi.org/10.14419/ijet.v7i2.16.11408. (Scopus Indexed)

(v) Sanjeev Kumar, Ravi Kumar, Rajesh Kumar Vishwakarma, Kunal Srivastava, “An Improved Compact MIMO Antenna for Wireless Applications with Band-Notched Characteristics”, International Journal of Electronics and Communications (AEU), Vol. 90 June 2018, pp.20-29. ISSN 1434-8411, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.aeue.2018.04.008. (Impact Factor:- 2.115) (SCI Indexed)

(vi) Sanjeev Kumar, Rajesh Kumar Vishwakarma, Ravi Kumar, Jaume Anguera, Aurora Andujar, "Slotted Circularly Polarized Microstrip Antenna for RFID Application", Radioengineering, Vol 26. No. 4, December 2017, pp. 1025-1032. ISSN: 1210-2512. DOI: 10.13164/re.2017.000. (Impact Factor:- 1.048) (SCI Indexed)

(vii) Ravi Kumar and Rajiv Saxena, “Analysis of APASBCE Scheme Using Missed Data Amplitude and Phase Estimation Schemes in MIMO Communication System”, JUET Research Journal, Vol.3, issue 1, Jan. 2016, pp. 17- 26. ISSN: 2321-6026.

(viii) Sonu Kumar, Aditya Soni, Ravi Kumar, “Remote Patient Monitoring and MANET: Applications and Challenges”, International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication (IJRITCC), Volume 3 Issue 6 ,June 2015, pp. 4275 – 4283. ISSN: 2321-8169. DOI:10.17762/ijritcc2321-8169.1506160. (SJIF:- 5.837)

(ix) Ravi Kumar and Rajiv Saxena, “Performance Analysis of MIMO-STBC Systems with Higher Coding Rate Using Adaptive Semiblind Channel Estimation Scheme,” The Scientific World Journal, vol. 2014, Article ID 304901, 17 pages, 2014. DOI: 10.1155/2014/304901. ISSN: 1537-744X. (Impact Factor:- 1.73) (the then SCI Indexed).

(x) Ravi Kumar, Rajiv Saxena, “Performance Analysis of MIMO-STBC systems with Adaptive Semiblind Channel Estimation Scheme” Wireless Personal Communication, Vol.72, issue.4, Springer, October, 2013, pp.2361-2387. DOI: 10.1007/s11277-013-1154-4. {ISSN No. 0929-6212}. (Impact Factor:-1.2) (SCI Indexed)

(xi) Ravi Kumar, Rajiv Saxena, “Analysis of Adaptive Semiblind Channel Estimation Scheme with Missed Data Channel Estimation Schemes in MIMO Antenna system” International Journal of Computer Application, Vol.59, No.4, 2012, pp.33-38, DOI: 10.5120/9537-3973.{E-ISSN No. 0975–8887}. (Impact Factor:- 0.752)

(xii) Ravi Kumar, Rajiv Saxena, “MIMO Capacity Analysis using Adaptive Semi Blind Channel Estimation with modified Precoder and Decoder for Time Varying Spatial Channel”, International Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science, Vol.4, issue.10, 2012, pp.1-18. {P-ISSN No. 2074-9007, E-ISSN No. 2074-9015}, DOI: 10.5815/ijitcs.2012.10.01. (Impact Factor:- 0.07)

(xiii) Ravi Kumar, Rajiv Saxena, “Capacity Analysis of MIMO Spatial Channel Model using Novel Adaptive Semi Blind Estimation Scheme”, International Journal of Wireless Networking and Communications”, Vol.2, issue.4, 2012, pp.66-76. {P-ISSN No.2167-7328, E-ISSN No.2167-7336}, DOI: 10.5923/j.jwnc.20120204.06.

(xiv) Ravi Kumar, Rajiv Saxena, “MIMO systems: Advance 3G Wireless Communication Technology”, Telecommunications, volume 58, issue 4, August’2008, PP. 41-55. {P-ISSN No.0497-1388}

(xv) Ravi Kumar, R.S.Jayant, “Delays affecting the Broadband video Networks”, Telecommunications, Special Issue on Broadband services, volume57, issue3, June’2007, PP.59-72. {P-ISSN No.0497-1388}

(xvi) Ravi Kumar, R.S.Jayant, “3G Mobile Phones Positioning Systems”, Telecommunications, Special Issue on 3G mobile phones, volume57, issue2, April’2007, PP.67-79. {P-ISSN No.0497-1388}


(a) International:

(i) Sanjeev Kumar, Ravi Kumar, Rajesh Kumar Vishwakarma, Devesh Sharma, “A Compact Printed Monopole Antenna with Symmetrical I and Rectangular Shaped Slots for WLAN/WiMAX Applications”, IEEE, International Conference on Information, Communication, Instrumentation and Control (ICICIC – 2017), Indore, India, 17-19 August, 2017, paper id: 126.

(ii) Ravi Kumar, Rajiv Saxena, “MIMO Capacity Analysis using Novel Adaptive Semi Blind Estimation Scheme for Spatial Channel”, IEEE International Conference on Advances in Mobile Network, Communication and its Applications–MNCApps2012, sponsored by ACEEE, Bangalore, India, 2012, pp.54-59.DOI: 10.1109/MNCApps.2012.16

(iii) Ravi Kumar, Rajiv Saxena, Abhay Sah, Saroj Gupta, Tapesh Chandgothia, "Performance of Dynamic MIMO Systems in Presence of Nakagami Fading Channel," IEEE 2nd International Conference on Computational Intelligence, Communication Systems and Networks, Liverpool, United Kingdom, 2010, pp. 369-372. DOI: 10.1109/CICSyN.2010.47

(iv) Deepak Sharma, Ravi Kumar, "Design and analysis of five element microstrip log-periodic antenna”, IEEE International Conference on Applications of Electromagnetism and Student Innovation Competition Awards (AEM2C), 2010, Japan. pp. 210-214.

(v) Ravi Kumar, Rajiv Saxena, "Implementation of Blind Sequence Detection for Time Varying Channel in the Analysis of MIMO Capacity for Spatial Channel Model with Partial CSI Knowledge," ACEEE sponsored International Conference on Advances in Communication, Network, and Computing, Kerala, India, 2010, pp.41-45. DOI: 10.1109/CNC.2010.17.

(vi) Ravi Kumar, Rajiv Saxena, “Analysis of MIMO Capacity for spatial Channel model with partial CSI knowledge”, Fourth IEEE Conference on Wireless Communication and Sensor Networks (WCSN-2008), Dec. 27-29, 2008, Allahabad, India.pp.187-191.DOI: 10.1109/WCSN.2008.4772708.

(vii) Rajesh Vishwakarma, Ravi Kumar, “Rectangular Notch Microstrip Antenna for Dual-Band Operation”, IEEE International conference on recent advances in microwave theory and application, Microwave-2008, Nov.21-24, Jaipur, India.pp.675-677.

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(b) National:

(i) Ravi Kumar, Rajiv Saxena, “Transformation of Mutual Coupling between the transceivers of MIMO system for time varying channel with partial CSI knowledge and its effect on its capacity”, IETE sponsored National Conference on Electronics, Computers and Communications (NCECC-2010), DRDE Gwalior, 6-7 March,2010.

(ii) Ravi Kumar, Narendra Singh, “Design and analysis of four hole coupled Microstrip directional coupler”, National conference on Communication systems and networking(CSN-2008), Guna, march 2008, pp40-43.

(iii) Satish Kumar Singh, Shishir Kumar, Ravi Kumar, G.S.Tomar, Gaurav K. Santhalia, “New Approach to Design of Automatic Graph Based Clustering Algorithm for Image Processing Applications”, IETE-CSI seminar on IT Enabled Systems (ITES 2006), January 21-22, 2007, MPCT, Gwalior.

(iv) Ravi Kumar, “Remote Acoustic Detection System using Microwave Detection System”, 3rd National Conference on Applicable Mathematics in Wave Mechanics and Vibrations(WMVC06), 15-17Oct., 2006, JIET, Guna, 37.

(v) Ravi Kumar, “Design and Analysis of Microstrip Power Dividers and Couplers using PUFF software", Proceedings of the AICTE sponsored National Conference on Advances in Electrical Engineering(AEE2006), 29th-30th Nov, 2006, Gwalior, 605-608.








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