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Additive Manufacturing Laboratory

Additive manufacturing (AM) is a technology, wherein physical objects are fabricated directly from 3D CAD model by depositing material layer by layer. Alternative names of AM are : additive fabrication, freeform fabrication, direct digital manufacturing and layer manufacturing.

Department of Mechanical Engineering, JUET Guna has recently procured following AM machines based on two popular technologies.


Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology, Guna

The EOSINT P 395 is a highly productive thermoplastics laser-sintering system. It can produce fully functional plastic products for use in product development and manufacturing or for producing spare parts. The system can create parts without the need for support structures. The maximum building height of 620 mm enables the construction of larger plastic components without the need for subsequent joining processes. The completely re-engineered Laser Optics Modul (SurfaceModule) improves the quality of vertical surfaces into regions which until now had been exclusive to the FORMIGA. The machine is equipped with Integrated Process Chain Management (IPCM)  which optimize process flow and includes automatic powder conveying, an unpacking station and a powder recycling facility, all of which maintain dust-free as well as ergonomic working conditions.

ZPrinter® 450

Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology, Guna


    1. Multicolor, Color:  180,000 colors (2 print heads)
    2. Resolution:  300 x 450 dpi
    3. Minimum Feature Size: 0.006 inches (0.15 mm)
    4. Automation:  Full Vertical Build Speed:  0.9 inch/hour (23 mm/hour)
    5. Build Size:  8 x 10 x 8 inches (203 x 254 x 203 mm)
    6. Material Options:  High Performance Composite
    7. Layer Thickness:  0.0035 - 0.004 inches (0.089 - 0.102 mm)
    8. Number of Jets:  604


    • File Formats for Printing:  STL, VRML, PLY, 3DS, ZPR
    • Equipment Dimensions:  48 x 31 x 55 inches (122 x 79 x 140 cm)
    • Equipment Weight:  425 lbs (193 kg)
    • Power Requirements:  100-240V, 15-7.5A
    • Workstation Compatibility:  Windows® 7, Windows® XP Professional and Windows Vista® Business/Ultimate
    • Regulatory Compliance:  CE, CSA
    • Special Facility Requirements:  None







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