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Massive Open Learning (MOOC) at JUET


As per UGC (Credit Framework for Online Learning Courses through SWAYAM) Regulations-2016, JUET offers Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for the benefit of students. In this regard, credits through MOOC courses can be earned as follows:

(a) A student can avail a facility of earning up to a maximum of 5% credits of his/her degree requirements through MOOC's.

(b) MOOC courses eligible for this purpose are the courses offered by NPTEL/ SWAYAM/ EDX/ Coursera / any agency decided by the University, only.  

(c) MOOC courses can be taken in respective area only in lieu of Elective courses such as HSS Electives, Science Electives, Open electives, Departmental Electives. No core, lab or project courses can be dropped in lieu of MOOC. 

(d) A student desirous of opting for a MOOC shall submit an application at least one week prior  to the scheduled normal date of semester registration to the concerned Head of the Department giving the following details : 

  “Course Title, Agency Offering MOOC, Examination system and Credits of the Course, Timing and duration of course and its examination, Centres of   the examination to be opted by the candidate, the course to be dropped in lieu of the transcript and electives opted in current semester.“

(e) On receipt of the application by the HOD/ Dean, the Dean shall constitute committee of at least 3 members with himself as Chairman and two other members. This committee shall examine the proposal in detail regarding course contents, examination system, suitability of the course and equivalence as per the University norms and give its recommendations for approval or non-approval including any special conditions to be imposed. 

(f) The application along with the recommendations of the committee shall be discussed by the HoD with the Dean-A&R and final recommendations will be submitted to VC for approval. 

(g) Fee and Other charges, if any, payable to MOOC and certification agency shall be borne by concerned student. 

(h) An equivalent Grade corresponding to grade/ marks awarded by MOOC agency shall be determined by a committee consisting of Dean, and HOD. This equivalent Grade shall be shown in the transcript and accounted in the SGPA and CGPA calculations.  

(i) Student shall submit a photocopy of the original certificate issued by MOOC authorities to the Registrar for official records.