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Dr. P. K. Singh
Dr. P. K. Singh
Dean (A&R) & HOD (Chemical Engineering and Chemistry), Head (CRDC), In Charge - T&P
: M.Sc. ( Inorganic Chemistry), Ph.D.(Organo-Metallic Chemistry)  
E-mail : pk.singh[AT]juet.ac.in  
Contact No. : Ext. - 108  
Areas of Interest: Cement Research, Polymer Chemistry and Photo-catalysis
Brief Profile:
Dr. P K Singh completed his Master degree in Inorganic Chemistry from Agra University, Agra in the Year 1976 and Ph.D degree in Organometallic Chemistry from Rajasthan University, Jaipur in the year 1983. During Ph.D he was awarded junior research fellowship by CSIR.

After completing his Ph.D he joined corporate (public sector & private sector: total duration - 25 years). Subsequently he joined Jaypee Institute of Engineering and Technology (Now Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology) as Professor in the year 2008.

• Resource person and Co-ordinator for conducting 33 short term courses(Cement Technology) at university campus / Cement plants: Total participants trained- Approximately 500.
• Chairman University Disciplinary Committee from July 2008 to June 2012 and July 2017 to till date
• Chief Warden July 2012 to March 2021
• Chairman – Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology Youth Club (Students body: From July 2015to June 2017)
• Training and Placement Officer of the University from November 2019
• Ph D examiner at Dr B R Ambedakar University, Agra(U P) and SRM University, Chennai (TN)
• M Sc examiner at Devi Ahilya Vishwa Vidhyalaya, Indore)M P) and Dr B R Ambedkar University, Agra (U P)
• Translated “Cement Data Book- W H Duda” from English to Hindi during the period 1986 – 1989
• Life member of “ Society of Material Chemistry” Chemistry division, BARC, Mumbai (Maharastra)
• TED X speaker at J U E T, Guna during the month of February 2019
• Visiting Professor at IIT, Dhanbad – Delivered 12 lectures during the period 29-31 January 2018

Ph,D Guided:

1.Mrs Kanchan Mala, "Effect of Mineral Admixtures on Properties of Concrete with Ternary Cement Blends", February 2014.

2.Mr Sarath Babu, "Properties of High Strength Concrete Utilizing Processed Recycled Concrete", February 2015.

3.Mrs Seema Singh, "Development of Novel Polystyrene supported TiO2 Photo-catalysts for Dye Waste Water Treatment", March 2015.

4. Mrs Deepal Agrawal, “ Synthesis of Early transition metal based post metallocene catalysts in aqueous emulsion polymerization applications” December 2020.

Ongoing Ph.D

1. Shubham Goshwami- Utilization of sewage sludge in cement and concrete
2. Mukesh Pande - Geopolymer concrete

M.Tech Project Guided

Mr Sundeep Kumar, "Study of Alkali Bypass Systems in Cement Plant", May 2015.

Also guided no. of B Tech. (Chemical and Civil Engineering) projects.

Industrial Projects Completed:

1.Utilization of industrial wastes like lignite fly ash, granulated slag, limestone, waste gypsum generated from pottery industry as cement additive at Jaypee Gujarat Cement Plant, Sewagram, Kutch, Gujarat (2010).

2.Remedial measures for set regulation of cement at Jaypee Himachal Cement Plant, Baga, Himachal Pradesh (2011).

3.Study and remedial measures for concrete failure at urea bagging plant of National Fertilizers Limited, Vijaypur, Distt. Guna, Madhya Pradesh ( 2017).

4.Utilization of waste water sludge generated by Trident Ltd., Budhani, Distt. Hoshangabad Madhya Pradesh, in the manufacture of paver blocks (2017).

5. Non destructive testing of Foundations at National Fertilzer Ltd, Vijaypur, Distt. Guna (MP): Completed in March 2021

Industrial Projects ongoing:

1. Improvement in consistency and compressive strength of cement at DCM Shriram Cement, Kota, Rajasthan (started in May 2019).

2. Utilization of hazardous wastes as alternative fuel at DCM Shriram Cement, Kota, Rajasthan (Started in June 2019).

3. Prepared and submitted Techno-Commercial feasibility report to Jaypee Cement Corporation Ltd. for putting up a 3.0 lakh MT/ year, White Cement based wall putty plant at Rewa(MP)/ Churk (UP).



Publication details google profile link

1. Accelerated curing strength of concrete containing binary and ternary blends of OPC, silica fume and fly ash-The Indian Concrete Journal, 87(4)39-49(2013). (Co-authors-Kanchan Mala, A.K.Mullick and K.K.Jain) SJR- 0.188, H-index-11.

2. Polymer supported titanium dioxide photo-catalysts for environmental remediation-Applied Catalysis A Review- 462-463, 178-195 (2013). (Co-authors- Seema Singh and Hari Mahalingam)( IF=3.674)

3. Effect of Relative Levels of Mineral Admixtures on Strength of Concrete with Ternary Cement Blend-International Journal of Concrete Structures and Materials, 7(3)239-249(2013). ( C0-authors-Kanchan Mala, A.K.Mullick and K.K.Jain)

4. Effect of Relative Levels of Mineral Admixtures on Corrosion Resistance of Cracked Ternary Cement blend Concrete- Journal of Sustainable Cement based Materials, Vol.3,No.1,pp. 24-46 (2014)(Co-authors-Kanchan Mala, A.K.Mullick and K.K.Jain )

5. A novel polystyrene supported titanium dioxide photocatalyst for degradation of methyl orange and methylene blue dyes under UV radiation- Journal of Chemical Engineering (IEB), Vol. Ch E 28, pp. 9-13 (2013) ( Co-authors- S.Singh, A.Chaki, D.P.Chand, A.Raghuvanshi and H.Mahalingam)

6. Strength and Durability Characteristics of High-strength Concrete with Recycled Aggregate-Influence of Mixing Techniques-Journal of Sustainable Cement- based materials, 0.1080/21650373.2013.874302.2014.( Co-authers-V.S.Babu, A.K.Mullick and K.K.Jain)

7. Mechanical properties of high strength concrete with recycled aggregate-influence of processing- The Indian Concrete Journal, 88(5)10-26(2014). ( Co-authors V.S.Babu, A.K.Mullick and K.K.Jain)

8. Mechanical properties of high strength concrete with processed recycled aggregate-influence of mixing techniques- The Indian Concrete Journal, 88, 01-16(2014). (Co-authors V.S.Babu, A.K.Mullick and K.K.Jain)

9. Strength and durability characteristics of high strength concrete with recycled aggregate – Influence of processing, Journal of Sustainable Cement based Materials, Vol 04, No. 01 pp 54-71 DOI 10.1080/21650373.2014.976777 ( Co authors: V S Babu, A K Mullick and K K Jain)

10. Novel Floating Ag+- Doped TiO2/Polystyrene Photocatalysts for the Treatment of Dye Wastewater, - Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 53(42), 16332-16340. ( Co-authors- S.Singh and H.Mahalingam) ( IF= 2.235)

11. A novel and Effective Strewn Polymer- Supported Titanium Dioxide Photocatalyst for Environment Remediation, Journal of Materials and Environmental Science, 6(2), 343-348(2015) . ( Co-authors- S.Singh and H.Mahalingam) ( IF= 0.5672)

12. An Effective and Low-Cost TiO2/Polystyrene Floating Photocatalyst for Environmental Remediation, International Journal of Environmental Research, 9(2), 535-544 ( 2015). ( Co-authors- S.Singh and H.Mahalingam)( IF= 1.818)

13. Synthesis of post - metallocene catalyst and study of its olefin polymerization activity at room temperature in aqueous solution followed by prediction of yield, Journal of Polymer Research, 26:167, 1 to 16 (2019) (Co-authors- D Agrawal, Y Shrivastava, and S K De)

14. Synthesis of a novel post-metallocene titanium complex of chelating [ONOO]-type ligand and studies on the effect of an extra donor arm on its reactivity in aqueous emulsion polymerization, Polymer Bulletin, Springer, doi.org/10.1007/s00289-019-02961-2(2019) (Co-authors- D. Agrawal, Y. Shrivastava and S.K. De)

15. Synthesis and characterization of post-metallocene titanium complexes of bidentatedicarboxylic acids and studies on the effect of ring size on their polymerization activity at room temperature in aqueous emulsion, Journal of Polymer Research, 27:99 , 1 to 9(2020) ( Co-authors- D. Agrawal and S.K. De)

16. "Effect of Performance Improver Additives on the properties of 53 - grade Ordinary Portland Cement", JUET Research Journal of Science and Technology 6, 34-36 (2020) ( Co - authors -Shubham Goshwami and D K Shukla)

17. "Sustainable transformation of sewage sludge ash and waste industrial additive into green cement blend", Structural Concrete, 1-15 (2021) ( Co-authors - Shubham Goshwami and D K Shukla )

Research papers presented at seminars.

1. Presented research paper "Geo-polymer Concrete: Cement-less Concrete" at National conference on Recent Advancements in Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Development" held at JUET, December (2011)

2. Presented research paper "Effective and Robust Impregnated and Strewn Polystyrene-Supported Floating Titanium Dioxide Photo-catalysts: Preparation, Characterization and Comparison", at Proceedings of the International Conference on Energy, Environment, Materials, and Safety, December 11-14,( 2014), Cochin, Kerala. ( Co-authors- S.Singh and H.Mahalingam)

3. Presented research paper by Ph D student "Enhancement of aggregate-related characteristics of high strength concrete with recycled aggregate", 21-24 september (2014). at the 6th International Conference of Asian Concrete Federation (ACF), Seoul, Korea( Co-authors- V.S Babu, A.K.Mullick, and K.K.Jain)

4. Presented research paper by Ph D student "An effective Strewn silver ion - doped polystyrene- supported floating titania photo-catalyst for treatment of dye wastewaters under UV and natural sunlight", at 3rd Water Research Conference, January 11-14, (2015), Shenzhen, China. ( Co-authors- S.Singh and H. Mahalingam)

5. Presented by Ph D Scholar” Technical Evaluation of Sustainable Cement containing Fly ash and Carbide lime sludge” at the International Conference on Sustainable Energy, Environment and Green Technology (ICSEEGT – 2021) held at Poornima College of Engineering, Jaipur, Rajasthan (India) on March 5-6








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